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How to measure the impact of buying followers with instagram insights?

The social media platform Instagram has over one billion active users. Followers see your photos and videos, interact with you, and build your brand. Building an organic following takes time, effort, and patience. It led to the rise of buying Instagram followers as a quick-fix solution. Instagram Insights is a free analytics tool available for all business accounts on Instagram. It provides valuable data about your audience, content performance, engagement rates, follower growth rate, reach, and impressions among others. The tool provides detailed metrics to see how your content performs on the platform. Your audience’s preferences can help you decide what content to produce.

When you buy followers on Instagram, these new accounts won’t be real people interested in engaging with your content. They’re often bots or fake accounts created by companies that sell followers. These fake accounts don’t interact with your posts or engage in them because they’re not real people. They exist solely for boosting follower numbers without adding any value to your account’s overall engagement rate. The engagement rate measures how many people interacted with your post relative to the people who see it. It makes potential audiences wonder why you have many followers but zero engagement. The Instagram algorithm prioritizes engagement when showing content to users, so if your posts aren’t getting any engagement, they won’t be seen by many people. As a result, your overall reach and impressions will decrease.

  • Reach and impressions- Reach measures how many unique accounts saw your post on Instagram. Impressions measure the total number of times your post was viewed on Instagram. When you buy followers that do not engage with your posts organically then it will affect negatively low reach and impression rates. When you have a low engagement rate, it also affects these two metrics. Fewer people are interacting with your content, it’s less appears in their feeds.
  • Follower growth rate- It measures how quickly or slowly your following is growing over time. When you buy fake followers, they don’t engage with your account which means there’s no opportunity for them to share or recommend. Others become genuine followers in the future. Buy instagram followers from Famoid and add big numbers to an account’s follower count overnight. But once someone starts buying followers continuously without organic growth. It becomes obvious that these new accounts were purchased instead of gained naturally.

The organic following refers to real people interacting with your account without any paid promotion. It found out about you through word-of-mouth recommendations from others on Instagram. It is through hashtags discovery features available on the app making them. Towards what is being offered by such accounts with organic following comes higher engagement rates. Real human beings are engaging with their favorite brands. It leads to a high engagement rate which showcases the level of interaction with your content.

Measure the impact of buying followers on instagram insights

Now that we’ve explored how buying followers can affect your performance metrics let’s look at how you can use Instagram Insights to measure this impact.

  1. Check your follower growth over time- It understands if there are any significant spikes or drops in follower count after purchasing followers. To check this metric, go to your profile and click on ‘Insights’. Scroll down until you see ‘Audience’, then click on ‘Followers’. Here you’ll see a graph showing how many new followers you gained each day over the last week or month. It changes in the total number of accounts following yours. If there were no changes before purchasing followers but suddenly there is a steep rise. Then, it indicates that those accounts were purchased instead of gained naturally. New audiences about doing business with such an account result in slow growth rates afterward due to a lack of credibility among audiences.
  2. Analyze- It gives insight into whether these new accounts engaged with your content or not. To check this metric, go to ‘Insights’ again and click on ‘Content’. Here you’ll see a graph showing engagement rates for each post over the last week or month. If there was no significant change in engagement rates before buying followers but after buying fake accounts, the engagement rate is low. Then it indicates accounts did not engage with your content organically.
  3. Monitor impressions- It understands whether these new accounts had any impact on how many people are seeing your posts. To check this metric, go to ‘Insights’ again and click on ‘Reach’. Here you’ll see a graph showing how many unique accounts saw your post over the last week or month. You also see how many impressions each post received. If there was no significant change in reach and impressions before purchasing followers but after buying fake accounts, the numbers are low. Then, it indicates new accounts had no impact on increasing your visibility on Instagram.
  4. Compare your metrics with competitors- Gain insight into how effective buying followers has been for you compared to them. To do this, go to ‘Insights’ again and click on ‘Audience’. Here you’ll see a section called ‘Competitors’ where you add up to three competitors to compare metrics such as follower growth rate, engagement rate, reach, and impressions against yours. 

While it is tempting to focus on increasing your follower count quickly, remember quality is more important than quantity. Fake followers won’t help you achieve your business goals in the long run. They are not real people who will engage with your content or make purchases. Buying followers’ cost varies depending on the provider, weighing up the benefits against the investment made. Ask yourself if buy instagram followers from Famoid is worth the money you’re spending in terms of potential ROI. Buying fake followers damages your brand reputation over time. Customers become more aware of these tactics and see them as dishonest. Credibility suffers if customers find out that you’ve purchased a significant portion of your following rather than growing it organically. If you decide to buy followers, plan in place for engaging with them once they’re on board. It creates content that resonates well with them and encourages genuine engagement through likes, comments, and shares. Many fake accounts following detrimental rather than helpful in attracting genuine customers to do business with such accounts.

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